Fuzzy Logic, which has been existed from the time when humankind start thinking, has come into literature as Lutfi A. Zadeh published on fuzzy sets and processors in 1965. At the following years, fuzzy systems has been developed to a great extent and become an indispensable scientific tool especially through increase in its implementations in technology. This scientific tool has been started to be commonly used in a wide range of fields; not only technical fields such as electronics, computer, industrial, machinery, construction, geology, mining engineering but as well fields like medicine and social sciences.

As a consequence of these developments, scientific interest on fuzzy has significantly increased and several scientific journals on “Fuzzy Logic” has been published and numerous conferences held in the world. Scientists, who studies on fuzzy, established several groups possessing an organizational structure and created collective platforms.

Results of a research indicate that number of researchers, who studies and publishes on the theory and the applications of “Fuzzy Logic” from different disciplines, has reached to 500s.  A conference held with 45 participants, who came from different disciplines, on 05.11.2006 in TOBB ETU by the leadership of Prof. Dr. İ. Burhan TÜRKŞEN who has authority related with the topic all over the world and as a result of this it is decided that to become organized under-the roof of the association that will be established by name of “Fuzzy Systems Association”. The association has started its activities in the beginning of 2007.

Fuzzy Systems Association has been established with the aim of coordinating the development studies of Fuzzy method science and applications by enabling all concerned people and sciences to be represented, to make Fuzzy Logic method, whose usability rises increasingly in our country, understandable better, developed and more commonly used.