Citizens of Republic of Turkey and foreigners who has work permit in Turkey, who has the competency of using civil rights and finished 18th years of age, concerned the topic of Fuzzy Systems can become members of the association.

An annual due of the association is 50 TL. To apply for membership of the association, membership form should be filled in and sent to Bülent Alptekin who is The Secretary General of Association ( e-mail address is given below) with one photocopy of identity card, one photograph and receipt of membership dues which is deposited in the bank account number, that is given below. It is possible to send these documents to the addresses of fuzzysystemsassociation@gmail.com

Bank Account Number:
Garanti Bankası Ankara Emek Şubesi (Şube Kod: 778) Bulanık Sistemler Derneği Hesap No: 6299326

Click for Download the 'Registration Form' of Fuzzy Systems Association.